Best Gloves for Wood Burning Stove 2021

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Best Gloves for Wood Burning Stove

While you are working on a fireplace, your hands and arms become more vulnerable to heat which could be troublesome. Especially in the case of the wooden stove, it becomes extremely important to take better care of your palms and hands.

For this purpose, heat-resistant gloves are available in the market which can be of great help. So I did complete research on them and find out the top 8 best gloves for the wood-burning stove.

Also added a buying guide at the end so that you have no trouble in purchasing the right pair of gloves for yourself.

  1. RAPICCA 16 Inches, Leather Heat Resistant Gloves

On the top of the list is RAPICCA 16 inches heat-resistant gloves that will protect your hand from the harmful effects of high temperature. Let’s move on towards the other features of these best gloves for a woodstove!

Double Layer Padding

The RAPPICA gloves are provided extreme heat resistance and have a unique design that makes them distinguished from their competitors. These are equipped with double Kevlar layer padding on the elbow, fingers, palms, and back of the gloves.

Wear Resistant Protection

Besides, these gloves are crafted by using high-quality cowhide leather and double stitching is done to provide extra strength. This not only makes them heat-resistant but also keeps the gloves protected against puncture, wear & tear, oil and cut.

Security for Forearms

These gloves are extra-long and have 7.5 inches long sleeves for providing adequate protection to your forearms from open flames.  Because of their superior protection, these are even suitable for high-temperature environments like forging, stick welding, etc.


  • Reasonably priced
  • High-quality construction with double stitching
  • Suitable for high-temperature environments
  • Properly covers arms and hands


  • Their padding could be better

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  1. WZQH 16 Inches, Leather Forge Gloves Fire Resistant

The WZQH 16 inches are made by using strong cowhide leather and these come with an aluminum mid-layer. This additional layer will provide extra protection to your hands against heat hence, best to use for the wood-burning stove.

Three Layer Design

Taking this into account, their outside layer is made with cowhide leather and the inner layer is structured by using soft cotton. Its middle layer is made up of aluminum and all of these three layers are put together by using Kevlar stitching.

Suitable Size

Another great feature of these gloves is that they come in one size which will be suitable for most of your family members. However, kids and people with small hands will not be able to use it so keep this in mind before purchasing.

Easy to Hang

These gloves always remain ready to use as you can conveniently hang them beside the fireplace by using their hanging hooks. Furthermore, these come with a 7.5-inch sleeve to protect your forearm as well as wrist.


  • Aluminum mid-layer for extra protection
  • One size that fits most
  • Contains a nice hook for hanging
  • Provide proper protection to forearms


  • Not good for holding cast iron pans

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  1. US Forge 400 Welding Gloves, Blue-14”

Next on the list is another awesome glove against heat protection that is known as US forge 400 welding gloves. However, note that these are just called US forge gloves but these are not made in the USA.

Build Quality

Despite having a low price, the manufacturer has not compromised on the quality of these gloves as these are made by using genuine cowhide leather. But these are not more comfortable than goatskin or elk skin.


The fitting of gloves matters a lot because uncomfortably fit gloves can create hindrance in your cooking work. On the bright side, these gloves have one size that will fit most people so you don’t need to worry about their fitting.

On the flip side, it has a short cuff so be careful while your arms are closed to fire.

Affordable Choice

Other than that the US forge 400 gloves are highly affordable and you can easily afford them. These are resistant against wear & tear and suitable to use for few times.


  • Has the very cheap price
  • Made up of cowhide leather
  • Provide better protection against heat & flame


  • Not made in the USA

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  1. KIM YUAN Extreme Heat Resistant Leather Glove

The KIM YUAN gloves are not only good in terms of design but are also highly comfortable to wear and provide better protection against heat. Also, their customer service is exceptional and that’s why they have earned a lot of customer support within a short time.

High Quality

These are high-quality gloves that are prepared by using excellent quality leather. These are very flexible and soft so; you can work freely without any hindrance. Besides, these are resistant against puncture, heat, and oil so what else you could demand?

Durable Stitching

The reason which makes them highly suitable against high temperature is that Kevlar thread is used in their construction.  It has a reinforced palm for providing adequate cushioning to your hands while you are dealing with heavy weights or doing any other demanding task.

Multi-Purposed Gloves

Other than using these gloves on a wooden stove, you can use them for multiple purposes as they are highly versatile. You can conveniently use them for welding, fireplace, camping, gardening, animal handling, oven, wood, etc.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Durable Kevlar stitching
  • Multi-purposed gloves


  • Has thin padding

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  1. Caiman One Size Fits All Genuine Deerskin Gloves

Caiman is a popular brand and these genuine deerskin gloves by them are worth considering because of their top-notch features. These not only provide safety & protection to your hand but also equipped with long cuffs to protect your arms.

Kontour Design

The thing which makes these Caiman gloves distinguishing from all other gloves available on market is their “Kontour” design. This is very useful as it provides you increase dexterity for better grip along with fine movements of fingers.


On the other hand, most of the gloves are made up of stiff cowhide skin. But this one is crafted by using deerskin and that’s why it is less stiff and not much durable.

Overall Performance

The common issue with wearing gloves with a small cuff is that your arms are prone to burn. However, this one comes with a long cuff to protect your arms and reaches almost near to the elbow.

This is a nice feature but could be annoying too at the same time if you are wearing these gloves over long & thick sleeves.


  • Comes with a “Kontour” design
  • Flexible for extreme comfort
  • Extra-long cuffs for added protection


  • Expensive

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  1. IRONCLAD Welding Leather Gloves, Palm Reinforcements

Next on the list is IRONCLAD welding leather gloves that are specially designed to use for fireplaces. These are available in multiple sizes so you can easily pick up the right size for yourself.

Foam Insulation

The plus point of these gloves is that other than having the aluminum layer, they also contain an additional foam layer. This is a nice addition and will provide extra insulation to your hand & arm. Above all, it has a long cuff for providing extreme protection to your arms.

Diversity of Size

The issue with most of the commonly sold gloves is that those are only available in one size and don’t properly fit all. The IRONCLAD sorts out this issue as it comes with a sizing chart hence, you can easily get your desired size.

Elk Skin

In terms of construction, these gloves are different as Elkskin is used in them instead of cowhide. It is softer and dexterous but these gloves are not as much thick as those made with cowhide leather.


  • Reinforced palm for extra protection
  • Sizing chart available for choosing the right size
  • Has good insulation with a foam layer


  • Elkskin provide less protection as compared to cowhide

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  1. SpitJack Heat Resistant Fire Protection Gloves

SpitJack provides tools for food & fire and their products are reliable hence, provide great value in return for your money. Their heat-resistant gloves provide you complete protection and safety against heat.

Highly Versatile

To provide you full protection against fire, it consists of an aluminum foil layer as well as Kevlar stitching. Note that, these are not fully fireproof so, avoid using them with burning logs or for live-fire contact.

Heat Proof

On the bright side, these gloves consist of five layers and are filled by using soft cotton. Because of their thick and convenient padding, you can handle hot objects easily without the risk of burning your hand or cuff.

Super Comfy

It doesn’t irritate your skin like other cheap quality gloves as its inner layers which touch your skin is highly soft. It comes only in one size which has 14 inches overall length and 7 inches cuff so, suitable for most people.

Other than that, this glove is tough but flexible since it is made by using top grain split cowhide.


  • Super comfortable to wear
  • Flexible and versatile
  • Built to last


  • Some customers had sizing issues

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  1. Revo Top Grain Leather Cowhide Welding Gloves

The final option on this list is the Revo top grain leather gloves which are the preferred choice of the professional chef as well as welders. Their thick and soft padding provides you greater heat protection while keeping your hands comfortable at the same time.

Soft Cotton Lining

These gloves have a stylish design and come in tan color which will surely appeal to you even on first look. On the inner side, the Revo gloves contain soft cotton lining which doesn’t seem bulky and provide your hand adequate amount of cushioning.

Highly Durable

As their name depicts, these gloves feature split cowhide leather back and cowhide leather palm. They are prepared by using Kevlar stitches which make them highly durable hence, they last for an extended period.

Heat Resistant

To add more perspective to it, these gloves are resistant to spark, slag and heat. This makes them an ideal option to use on a wood stove as they will keep your arms & hand safe from the harmful impact of high temperature.


  • Has soft cotton lining
  • Built tom last
  • Resistant against heat
  • Very comfortable to wear


  • Not for structural ironwork

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Buying Guide

There are a large number of gloves available in the market which claim to provide better protection against heat. But not all of them work equally and you can choose the wrong pair of gloves if you are unaware of the qualities of the best gloves.

In that regard, below I have provided a complete buying guide that will make the purchasing decisions convenient for you!

Leather Exterior

The first and most important feature is the forming material of the glove with which it is made. Generally, gloves are made by using goal skin, cowhide leather, or deerskin.

Put simply, those made with cowhide leather are strong but inflexible. While the goatskin & deerskin gloves will provide you greater flexibility but both of them are thin as compared to cowhide leather.


The best heat-resistant gloves are powered with Kevlar stitching which not only properly holds the elements together but also provides greater protection. So, make sure the gloves you are choosing comes with Kevlar stitching otherwise they might create a hindrance in cooking.

Palm Protection

Needless to say that, the palm is of the hand is more vulnerable to heat, and its proper protection is mandatory. That’s why it will be great if your gloves provide extra palm protection to keep your hands fully safe.


At the same time, we can’t overlook the importance of size as most of the gloves come with one size that does not fit all. But some contain a size chart so, you can easily pick up the right size for you.


This was all about the best gloves for wood burning stove and I hope this will be a useful read for you.

All of these products will work great but my preferred choice is Ironclad welding leather gloves. These come with a size chart, has better insulation, and provide extra palm protection.

If you enjoy reading this article then kindly share it and drop your feedback as well about my write-ups.

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