Nambe Meridian Tea Kettle

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Are you looking for the best kettle? There are many models today that stand out for their design and options. There are always more practical kettles, thanks to their ergonomics and the presence of devices such as the non–slip handle.

In terms of operation, you have the choice between an electric kettle and a kettle that works using an induction hob. This device can be designed in glass, steel, plastic, with or without BPA.

If you want to buy the best kettle, here are the right kettle for you in below;

Nambe meridian tea kettle

Nambe meridian tea kettle is one of the best tea kettles in modern times.

The kettle, which allows you to have hot water quickly available, is used daily. It is appreciated for its easy use, whether to prepare coffee, tea, or an infusion.

So that you can choose the model that suits you best, we invite you to discover a comparison table of the best kettles followed by our opinion on the most interesting models on the market.

Nambe bulbo kettle

Nambe bulbo kettle is a popular kettle. It made Stainless Steel and Wood kettle.

Nambe bulbo kettle price: 140 dollars.

You can also read the criteria for choosing an electric kettle. You will discover the different types of heaters, the design, the material and the coating, and all the characteristics of this appliance.

Then, you will discover the advantages and disadvantages of the electric kettle as well as the methods to properly maintain your device.

Stovetop tea kettle

The stovetop tea kettle is an overall good tea kettle. You can buy it. Well design and ergonomic handlebar grips. It’s price only 18 dollars.

How to choose your electric kettle?

To choose your electric kettle, you need to step back and ask yourself a number of questions. They must concern among other things,  the capacity of the product, the coating, its power, the existence of a filter, the heating time, the existence or not of a wire, the weight, the sound incidence, etc.

To save you time, here we answer all the questions you are likely to ask yourself in the quest for the best cordless kettle or the best mini–kettle on the market.

What type of heater for my electric kettle?

For your kettle, you have the choice between an electric model or a model that works with an induction hob. The more practical electric kettle has a built-in resistance that heats the water quickly.

The induction kettle generally has larger capacity but is much less practical.

What design to choose for the electric kettle?

In terms of design, it is essentially a question of taste. So choose the finish of your choice: glass, stainless steel or plastic. These materials respectively reflect elegance, modernity and simplicity.

Choose the color of your choice, between sober and colorful shades. The styles offered generally come in three variants, including classic, retro and modern. Make your selection based on your decor and preferences.

What material for my electric kettle: plastic, metal (stainless steel) or glass?

We pay special attention to the material and coating of your electric kettle.

On the market, manufacturers give you the choice between  3 types of materials  :


Glass utensils are second to none to give chic to your kitchen. With an electric glass kettle, elegance and finesse come into your kitchen. It is also a material that does not rust, without bisphenol A, and that invites you to watch the boiling bubbles through it.

Beware, however, of the fragility of this material which can break at the first shock if it falls!

Stainless steel: shiny and solid

Stainless steel is the standard material that you can have at home without spending a fortune. Opting for an electric stainless steel kettle is choosing ergonomics, durability and design!


The advantage of plastic is its lightness. If you want an electric kettle that you can easily transport (on a trip for example), those coated with plastic should suit you. In addition, plastic offers the advantage of being solid and durable.

The only downside may be the use of  Bisphenol–A in some products, as is often the case with plastic cookware.

What capacity of the electric kettle to choosing?

The capacity of your electric kettle is a subjective element that only depends on your needs. If you live alone or in pairs, a kettle with a capacity of 1 liter, the equivalent of 5 cups will do the trick. However, if your tea time is at work between colleagues or family, then do not hesitate to choose a kettle whose tank can contain more than 1.5 L of water.

Can I adjust the temperature of my electric kettle?

If you are a tea lover, it is better to choose the purchase of a kettle with a temperature controller. Indeed, green tea for example must be infused at a given temperature to really retain all its virtues and all its aroma.

Depending on the type of tea: green tea, black tea, infusion, … the temperature should be different.
In addition, most kettles offer the keep warm function, so that you can have hot water for a long time.

What power should I choose for my electric kettle?

An electric accessory, the electric kettle works efficiently given its healing power, which is a determining factor at the time of purchase. For your kettle, the optimum power for fast heating is 2000W.

However, the power is a factor of the size and therefore of the amount of water that your electric kettle must heat.

For small kettles, which heat less than a liter of water, you can settle for the power of less than 1000 W. From a capacity greater than 1.5 L, it is better to choose a kettle with a power greater than 2000 W.

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Choosing a cordless or corded kettle?

If for a long time we have been dealing with wired electric kettles, the concern for ergonomics has led manufacturers to offer more and more wireless models.

Much more practical, the wireless kettle is placed on a wired base which is responsible for heating the water it contains.

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