Non-Toxic Cookware Set

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You have recently made a great choice of cooking only organic foods. But have you ever considered the composition of your pots and pans?

The pots and pans can be extremely dangerous for your health. The organic food, cooked into the toxic cookware set, would contain leads and metals that affect your health badly. So, you must choose a non-toxic cookware set that is safe. It can be made from materials such as ceramic, stainless steel, tempered glass, porcelain enamel, lava rock, cast iron, etc.

You have to conduct extensive research, read a lot about the cookware sets, their coatings, non-toxicity, and more. But, following we have compiled a guide for you that will help you in buying the best non-toxic cookware set:

Best Non-Toxic Cookware

Following are some of the best non-toxic cookware sets:

1. GreenPan

GreenPan is the best non-toxic Belgian brand, which makes the non-stick cookware set by using the Thermolon coating. Thermolon is a non-stick coating, which has no lead, cadmium, PFAS or PFOA. In a short period of ten years, the GreenPan has revolutionized its nonstick coating time and gain. It has recently introduced the fifth evolution of its non-toxic cookware sets.

It is one of the safest alternatives available to the toxic cookware.

2. Mercola

Mercola is a renowned cookware set that has introduced its safe line of cookware sets. After years of exposing the public to the dangers of the chemicals, Mercola has invented its non-toxic cookware set. The Healthy Mercola Cookware set has given you the convenience of using the best cookware set without exposing you to the harmful chemicals.
Mercola cookware set is non-reactive and non-toxic as well as heat-efficient and eco-conscious choice.

3. Beka Eco-Logic

Beka has manufactured a specific non-toxic line of the cookware set that is not only non-toxic but also eco-friendly. The Beka Eco-Logic has offered an extensive range of pots and pans. All of the Beka Eco-Logic products are made of the combination of the natural biodegradable materials and the bamboo powder.

All in all, Beka Ec-Logic has taken a comprehensive action towards the elimination of the usage of PTFE and PFOA chemicals in the cookware sets industry.

Non-Toxic Cookware Guide

You must look out for the following characteristics in a non-toxic cookware set:

1. Types of the Cookware Material

The type of cookware material that you use determines the non-toxicity of your cookware set. Carbon steel, lava rock, porcelain enamel, tampered glass, and ceramic are the best cookware materials. They always perform highly. The cast iron, stainless steel, and Titanium are the more nuanced option of the cookware material.

They must be your second preference. Aluminum, copper, plastic, clay, and Teflon are the worst options that you must never choose.

2. Sneaky Non-Toxic Cookware Set

Some non-stick materials are sneaky. There is a newer non-stick cookware set available in the market. These non-stick cookware sets claim to be the “PFOA-Free”. The pans and pots, which are made of the non-toxic cookware material, are either made in the initial production with PTFE or PFOA.

Unless they suggest an alternative coating, they are manufactured with these chemicals. So, you must beware of the sneaky non-toxic cookware guide.

3. Look Out For the Added Features

There are also many other features that you must look out for in the non-toxic cookware guide. For instance, the padded handles, the tampered glass lids, the heat conductivity, and the quality of the material must be sought.

Non-Toxic Cookware User Guide

You must follow the following tips to help the coating last longer:

1. You may always use the wooden utensils in place to avoid the scratching. The wooden utensils do not leave any scratches on the surface of the non-stick cookware set. This extends the life of the non-stick cookware set.

2. It is suggested to wash the non-stick cookware set by hand. Even if your cookware set is dishwasher safe, you must wash it by hand only.

3. Instead of rubbing the non-toxic cookware set, you must pour a cup of warm water and soak the pot. You can also scrub the non-toxic cookware set with the soda or other non-abrasive material to clean the cookware set.

4. You must store the non-toxic cookware set in an airy place. It keeps them dry and clean throughout the day.

5. You may read specifications of the non-toxic cookware set before you set out to use it. Going through the specifications will help you in understanding the optimum usage of the non-toxic cookware set.

Top Features of Non-Toxic Cookware

Following are the top features of a non-toxic cookware set:

1. Safe Cookware Set: The non-toxic cookware set is safe to use due to its eco-friendly and safe coating.

2. Super Durable: The non-toxic cookware set is made of the natural materials, which extends the overall life of the cookware set.

3. Slippery: The non-toxic cookware sets are slippery, which makes cooking an enjoyable experience.

4. Scratch-Resistant: The non-toxic cookware sets resist against the scratches, dings, and other lines on its surface.

5. Premium-Quality Appearance: The non-toxic cookware sets have a premium-quality appearance, which looks elite and impressive.

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Why Should You Use Non-Toxic Cookware?

The selection of the cookware set is as important as selecting organic foods. The significance of the selection of the cookware sets increases when you choose the non-stick cookware set. The non-stick cookware sets are made of the poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).

These substances utilize the carcinogenic chemical when they are heated. In addition to these harmful contents , the non-stick cookware set also contains the heavy and dangerous metals that can flake off and break into your food.

There are generally two materials that you must ignore while choosing the best non-stick cookware set. These materials include Teflon and Aluminum.

Teflon and Aluminum are harmful materials that leach the food and release harmful chemicals in your non-toxic cookware set. So, it is a wise decision to choose the non-toxic cookware set.

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